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As you can create a customised package to suit your exact requirements, it would be virtually impossible to price every individual scenario, but all standard services are shown.

10% discount available for pensioners on all of the services shown below


Dog Walking

I do not provide group dog walks. All dogs are walked on an individual basis (unless you have more than 1 dog) so you can rest assured that your dog receives my full attention without any distractions. I can therefore provide the necessary level of physical intensity to suit your dogs exercise requirements.

I will collect your dog(s) from your home and either securely transport them to a local beach or park, or walk them in your local neighbourhood, whichever you prefer. They will be given a drink at the end of their walk and cleaned and dried off as necessary before being returned to you. All dogs must be microchipped, have up to date vaccinations and wear an ID tag. Pet insurance is recommended.

All prices quoted are valid for Monday to Friday 8am-6pm.



1 hour walk (1 dog) £12
30 minute walk (1 dog) £8
1 hour walk (2 dogs) £16
30 minute walk (2 dogs) £12

Pet Sitting

I can provide home visits for all pets. Whether you just require someone to let your dog out for a toilet break during the day while you're at work, or need a cat, caged animal, bird or fish fed, cleaned and made a fuss of in the familiar surroundings of their own home while you're on holiday (which they much prefer), rest assured that I can provide a complete service.

During the home visit I can open and close your curtains, switch lights on and off, remove all mail from view, put your bins out and generally make your house look occupied. I can even make sure that you have fresh milk and a loaf waiting for you on your return if required!

Service Prices
Home Visit for up to 2 cats/small animals
Home Visit for up to 4 cats/small animals



Dog Home Boarding / Dog Day Care

I am licenced with South Tyneside Council to board up to 4 dogs in my own home. This can be during the day while you're at work or overnight to cover holidays, illness etc. They will be treated as members of the family with the full run of the house and yard and will receive plenty of company and walks throughout the day.

Please contact me to check availability and to discuss your exact requirements. Prices for home overnight boarding start at £20 per day per dog, with discounts for 2 or more dogs. Day care prices are £15 per dog between 8am and 6pm, again with discounts for 2 or more dogs. A collection and drop off service is also available if required.

Considerable savings can be made against kennel charges and live-in pet sitters, with the benefit of your beloved pets being in a loving, caring and friendly home environment. This service is ideal for young dogs as they can become bored and destructive when left for any length of time, plus the added benefits of socialisation with other dogs and people from an early age.


A 25% booking fee is payable at the time of booking. This will be non-refundable if you decide to cancel at a later date.